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German Rottweiler Import

rottweiler puppy

V-Rated, SchHI/VPGI, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD frei, ED frei, Pink Papered Import

(Canada) RETIRED

Imo is a dog that everyone should know about. Imo hails from an exceptional pedigree (an Irk grandson) but, his truest value lays within his producing abilities. Imo is what we consider the absolute "fix-it" dog; if your bitch needs improving upon, most likely Imo is the dog to do it. We at WCR personally consider Imo as one of the very top Rotts in type and producing in North America, with an exceptional pedigree that he projects on top of all of it.

Imo produces beautiful black eyes (Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss), his incredibly large, dry, powerful headpiece (Candy v Quellenberg), inky black mouth (Willi vh Neubrand) and exceptional bone strength (Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss and Orso v Kressbach ). Most importantly is that Imo passes along his incredible working drive and clear head; something that is sorely missing in many of todays breedings. Imo also posses a great pedigree for producing exceptional hips and elbows. Imo is one of the most beautiful Rotts, period, which he gets through his exceptional mother, Candy vd Quellenberg, whoms ZtPR remarked that her "head was much too large for her body." Candy was no small bitch, and a very beautiful one at that. Imo 6 month male , Imo 8 week pup . Cleo v. Schwaiger Wappen is the full litter sister to Cendy v Schwaiger Wappen whom is in Ingo v Brandenburger Tors pedigree and sire to our A-litter, both girls can be found in great working Rott pedigrees. Cleo also is dam to the famous DT.VDH-CH Etzel v Schwaiger Rathaus O-KJS'00, BH, AD, FHI, ZtPR, SchHIII. Where can you find a Rott that has Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss two generations back? Hassan v Konigsgarten, Mona v Siedlerpfad, Orso v Kressbach, Dorle vd Teufelsbrucke (Doc's full sister) and Arri v Hertener Wappen 3 generations back? Rotts that made this breed what it is today, the true backbone...all in several generations and right where a breeder wants them. No other Rott in the world posses this type of heritage and this high quality all within several generations, a breeding bonanza in our book. The best part of all, Imo produces all of his great traits strongly.

Working Dog? Imo is a Working Dog's Working Dog amd passes along his incredible working drive and temperament. Direct offspring of Ben v Schwaiger Rathaus have always been know for their incredible working ability and intelligence.. Imo is one of the last know sons of Ben, yet another genetic benefit.

Just look at his numbers below:

Heigth 68cm/27 inches. As we know, our breed is shrinking, average males are now 65cm/25", Imo is substantial

Weight 55kg/122lbs and this is in working condition, which means he is a natural 125lbs. Average male Rott here and in Europe is 50kg/110lbs. His weight is amassed by his monsterous bone strength and enourmous head piece.

Head/Stop is 16cm/6.3 in, this is one half of a foot in forehead heigth. Incredible.

Eye color is a TRUE 1A, which is becoming so very rare with 3A/3B becoming more of the norm. Imo makes dark eyes all day long, even on bitches with very poor eye color.

Chest is 92cm/36in....Imo has one of the most enourmous chests on a dog, 36 inches of chest is absolutely unreal. What is even more astounding is that his head piece dwarfs his chest.

Dog Base Numbers are outstanding, with the number 100 being the baseline of normalcy, he has excellent numbers in hips (93) and elbows (82), showing why he is a great choice for skeletal. Numbers below 100 on these two items is a great benefit, correaltes to great reproduction in those areas. The next three numbers you want well above 100, Head Size is a given with Imo (124) with his mother Candy v Quellenberg (134) as his genetic supplier. Cheek bones (120) is a strong Imo trait, without powerful cheek bones his head would look tall and narrow -vs- that super wideness he posses. Lastly is bone strength (114), a strong Imo trait he passes down. The average Rottweiler here and abroad is seriously lacking in bone strength, to the point of bitchiness.

Height:68cm/27 inches, Weight: 55kg/122 lbs, Head: 16cm/6.3 in, Eyes: 1a, Chest:92cm/36 in

Dogbase: 93 82 124 120 114

Ben v Schwaiger Rathaus


german rottweiler

Veith v Schwaiger Wappen


Willi vh Neubrand

SchHIII, BH, AD, Gek.b.EzA, HD frei

Bessi v Talblick


Cleo v Schwaiger Wappen

SchHIII, FHI, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD-, ED- Gek.b.EzA


Orso v Kressbach


Dorle vd Teufelsbrucke

INT./DT.VDH-CH ES'92 KS'92 HD-frei, BH, AD, ZtPR, SchHIII, FH

Candy vd Quellenberg



Irk v Obergrombacher Schloss

SchHIII, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD+/- Gek.b.EzA


Hassan v Konigsgarten

KS'85, SchHIII, FH, AD, Gek.b.EzA, HD Frei

Berta v Klein-Vach


Eyka v Oeterkotten



Arri v Hertener Wappen

chHIII , IPOIII, FH, AD, Gek.b.EzA HD -

Mona v Siedlerpfad

Int/VDH Ch EUSGR '87 '88 BSR '88, SchHII, AD Gekort BIS EzA, HD-

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