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We have placed this Testimonial Page at the request of our clients, whom thought people needed to know about us. Thank You to our clients for allowing us to provide them with their excellent, life-long Rottweiler companion. We are fortunate to have some of the finest clients in the world, with a 100% satisfaction rate. Our goal is to not only provide our self with an excellent prospect but, to provide YOU with something we would be proud to own also. Here is a sampling of the emails and comments from but a few of our clients.


I hope this finds you well Bob. We have have seeking the right breeder for the past several years. To be honest, your name continually comes to the top everytime when we compare you to all t he others we have contacted. Even in several Rottweiler Forums your name is highly regarded and recommended. My wife and I was very surprised at how much time you took with us on the phone. You said you would not hang up until we had every answer handled and you are THE ONLY BREEDER that gave us more than 5 minutes, you gave us 2 hours. Our opinion is that the other breeders are financially driven and not passion or client driven. Grace said it best I think in that maybe they are just clueless and their knowledge is poor. We STRONGLY URGE everyone to take the time and talk with you. At no time did you try to sell, fact of the matter is that you are the opposite in the regard. After years Bob of talking and looking at all the other breeders, you are the very best choice. Be proud Bob of what you have done for the breed. Noone compares Bob, we know this.

Samual & Grace (Brazil)

Bob and Linda, we have heard it all and have seen it all from breeders and we gave up. Talking to you for 1 minute was like no one else we spoke with; you are very candid and up front in your opinions and it becomes obvious very fast that your knowledge is huge. Every breeder gave us maybe 5 minutes of their time, we expected the same from you and instead, we talked for 90 minutes. More impressive is you never tried to sell us something, you in fact made us wait several days before committing to a deposit. No one Bob and Linda are like you two! Even your deposits are different as we had ZERO worry about ever getting our money back. No breeder offers 100% deposits back up to the whelp and even AFTER the whelp. Confidence is what that means in your dogs and what you do. Gloria and I truly believe we have found the very best breeder anywhere. Thank You Bob and Linda for being in this great breed!.

Jerry & Gloria

Bob. You told me that one of your fears was a customer receiving a puppy and being disappointed. When Britta's boy stepped out of his crate, i was absolutely floored. The honeymoon period is over. The infatuation is gone. All that is left is a beautiful, smart, thick, and IMPRESSIVE ASS PUPPY! I Seriously doubt that there is another breeder on the planet that would have let this puppy go to a pet home. You are a class act Mr Flynn. Me and my family thank you.

Jheru & Family

Breeders Note: When I started to read this email, my heart literally sank thinking that we failed someone, and Jheru is right; disappointing a client that we fly a unseen puppy I picked is one of my greatest fears. You are corect Jheru, most breeders would have never let that boy go, he was and is outstanding. Fact is, we made a promise and we NEVER break that promise. You now know this to be true yourself. This was the only male in our S-Litter.


"Just a quick note to let you know how helpful your website has been in educating me about Rotties. I really thought I knew all there is to know but now after reading on your website about the rottweilers correct eye colour,correct mouth pigmentation,correct feet ect,all these things have really broadened my mind about this beautiful dog.I don,t know how to put it in correct words but i have a totally new outlook on these dogs.Ive even become a better dog owner because i understand them so much better.

Aron (S. Africa)

"Of course, I know that you are a breeder for many years. You are very good and well known breeder in the world."

Darko Timit-Tor Veselic (Serbia)

Kind words from a renowned and respected breeder, Timit-Tor.

"Hello Bob and Thank You for all of your time you have provided me. As you realize, I am not here to buy a dog but to learn. You are the man you say you are and you back your promises. You have provided invaluable information and have saved me decades of time in my new breeding program. You truly are a person whom has a huge passion and even greater understanding of genetics and pedigrees, the breed is fortunate for people like yourself. Your impact in the United States is profound: do you know how many breeders use your very own written words in their sites? I do because I have been pouring over web sites since the start of the internet and so many are copying not only your words but male selections. If imitation is truly the sincerest form of flattery, you are the most humbled man in the world."

Barbara (USA)

"Saw one of your dogs in the bay area Bob and it was SICK! People just kept stopping the guy and asking where he bought it. The funny part was he kept saying that you told him what a hassle it is to walk one of your dogs as everyone will stop you. It is true!"

Timothy (USA)

"Hello Bob. my wife and I have been seeking our newest companion and we have been looking at your producings now for over two years. We are coming to you because what we noticed was that you are so far ahead of the game, meaning that everyone is using your male selections. It appears that breeders are copying what you do or what you are going to do. One would say it is a form of flattery and for us it just points to the direction we need to be heading, that is WCR."

Samuel (USA)

Breeders Note: Yes, we have provided a WEALTH of information through the years to a great many breeders and we are seeing it help the breed overall here in the USA. It is all about making our breed better, and if that means people copying us or designing their breeding, then let it be so...its about the breed, not greed.

" Your Brutal Honesty is Appreciated!!!!!!! Good Day Bob, an inquiring future owner of hopefully a faithful companion. I am amazed that on the east coast, no one has replicated your outstanding passionate process of breeding the healthiest, cleanliest, quality insured family companion anyone could ever ask for. I am desperately hoping that I am seeking information so that I will not make the mistake of not getting the absolute 'best' added family member I can afford. I am looking to bring a member to an environment with lots of love, 4 wonderful 'A' honor roll children whom appreciates anything me and my wife gives them. We been looking for a companion that would make the ideal perfect addition, myself loving rottweilers passionately all my life, feels that a rottie would be that addition. I am so hurt that the breeding has become so whorish that you DO NOT KNOW WHO TO TRUST!!!! You blow everyone away with your brutal, concise truth and breeding ability, I scared to consult anyone, anywhere, anyhow,anyway, else!!!!!. I hope I can budget myself to obtain an opportunity to earn a puppy from you. As per your statement, you don't allow people to just purchase your rotties, you also, choose them. I am at my early stage of obtaining guidance for a future purchase, please help me with that process. Thank you

Kashaan (USA)

Breeders Note: While we enjoy our new clients and their enthusiasm, it shows us the desperation out there for people as many, many new puppy owners are realizing they bought from a poor quality breeder. A beautiful web site and words is no indication of quality along with severly modified pictures and breeders claiming their great acquisition which in reality was a problematic dog that was bought...lets face it folks, desperate people lie and if you are being sold and you know it, trust your instincts and walk away. Please do your homework before buying and undersatnd this: if you are not willing to go outside of your hometown to seek a lifelong companion , then get used to the idea of dropping $10,000 into your puppy. There are good breeders out there but it requires homework and leaving your town, county or state.

"I have heard nothing but great things about you and your dogs."

Bernadine (USA)

"I'm sorry to be a pest! However I've made the decision to only support WC Rotts for your straight forward no bullshit attitude. Which is very refreshing. I felt most of the breeders I've spoken to were salesmen/ women trying to sell me a puppy. I could smell what I was standing in while on the phone with them before I found you both."

Anthony (USA)

Breeders Note: You will never be sold here, never. The fact is this: it is a matter of us choosing YOU! The biggest mistake is that a person comes to us expecting them to qualify us whereas we are qualifying you. We always have more clients than pups and this allows us to choose the best of our clients. People ask to fill out a questionnaire and we do not use those as a lie or deceit can be easily perpetuated in writing..we use good old fashion conversation and intuition

"Bob, THANKYOU so very much!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly see what i am typing for the tears! We just got home and i could not get to my PC fast enough! I still can't believe it! I will read this email over and over till it sinks in. Thank you sooooo much again for all you're hard work and for getting us this WONDERFUL puppy! Give Naja a hug and a big thank you for making this happen. Get you're rest and take care.  Talk to you soon."

Al and Debbie (USA)

"We are interested in your Dogs…. For one very good reason. Your approach. We bought a Rott 5 months ago from XXXXX (Breeder and State omitted by WCR). We visited the breeder, and looked at all their dogs. Lines were great. Sire was great. All German stock. Show quality. We found one we liked and bought her. The greatest heartbreaking disappointment we ever made. After paying $3,500, our Rott started limping at 4 months old. Been to vet and back several times and did X-rays. Horrible Hip Dysplasia as a PUP. Poorly developed hip sockets. And early signs of arthritis. Naturally instead of keeping her, we returned her to the breeder. Contracts are not being argued. I get ½ off the next Dog. I don't care. I don't want a discount. I want great breeding. I took nothing and walked away. We will not buy from them again. It's not about the money or getting a discount on the next dog. We will not repeat this mistake again. So here we are doing more research and came across your site. We thought we knew more than the average Rott customer before the mistake but didn't know enough at the time. We learned a big lesson and after reading every word on your site, we are impressed with your knowledge and more importantly your approach. We don't plan to show. Never did. But we want the best breeding. Your straight talk is refreshing…. what we have been saying all the time. I'm sick of hearing about AKC rating and all the pure German stock BS. Our last bitch was 100% German top line German stock yet we got a shit dog. Our next Rott has to be a winner that we keep for at least a decade. We have to get it right. My wife and Kids cried for 2 weeks after I, the bad guy, returned our Dog. Bottom line was I refused to accept and live with the implications of a poor quality Rott. Besides having been convinced you have the right ideas and an excellent breeding approach, we are believers in seeing the dogs up close and personal."

David (USA)

Breeders Note: Letters like this is not uncommon anymore, and is truly heart wrenching. Being sold on a puppy or breeding based solely on "pure German stock" is the biggest joke I know of. All the good and bad stuff gets sold and it does not stay in when people say that WCR does not use "pure" German stock, I say "damn straight it is not, I go where the best stuff is or went." There are so many great dogs all over the world, it is foolish to even think Germany is the only quality breeders out there ..those days have been gone for decades. We have opened the eyes to many breeders and have shown them all the great dogs all around the world and their programs have flourished once they broke the stereotype. Again, breeding to local dogs habitually is lazy worthless breeding in my opinion and so the hype must be spun to sell their problematic blood lines. The puppy above had a great pedigree but we could have told them to stay away and look elsewhere while being polite and not inflammatory..we have a bit of class. As soon as the names where mentioned on the dogs I could tell them the story already and a dysplastic puppy at 4 months is no accident and I can bet this had happened many, many times before. This should have been a 100% refund without question..but as you see, it was and is all about money ..typical pro breeder. Remember this: when you buy a puppy you are buying a breeder also...more so a breeder than a puppy ....think about it.

"We got a female from you a couple years ago that has exceeded ALL expectations. We want a male now because our male is getting pretty old and isnt happy to play with Nala as much as he used to. She wears him out. She has more drive, energy and raw power than any 2 rotts ive ever had."

Bert (USA)

"HAHA Bob....I have to say that you are right, you don't get what you paid for and price is not indicative of quality, only what the buyer is willing to shell out or be fooled into thinking that more money equals better dog. Given that statement, if your competitors are charging upwards of $4500 for what I had seen and you are almost half, WOW! If you do the math correctly, your pups true value is more like $10,000, I kid you not. Add insult to injury, your pet quality (you are brutal man on what you grade your pups) is superior to what I have seen at 3 times the amount! You need to raise your prices man, those clowns are making a killing on stuff I think is half as good as yours."

Robert (USA)

Breeders Note: Breeders can charge whatever they want for whatever they have, welcome to a free market. Personally, no puppy is worth $4500 when you can fly to Europe, stay in a 5 star hotel, buy several pups and come home with change. Our prices are fair, our pairings are outstanding and we do not breed in our own backyard to the same old dog over and over and over. Its your money, your investment and you are not only buying a puppy but you are also buying the reputation of the breeder. We are a modest, humble, honorable hobby breeder, we do it for the breed, not for greed or lifestyle hence our outstanding stud selections and golden reputation.

"Hello Bob & Linda,we are a young couple who live in Bergen Norway. We are very impressed by your dogs. Stunning litter after litter. We are we special interested in yours dogs, they are some are the best we have seen. We looking for a new dog we can use to show, breeding, family and traning. Maby we are so luckey to buy a puppy form wcrotts.?=) We have a male from Herbie vom Gruntenblick, we have bay from Rune Aaneby-Jeppekroken. Herbie is the best male we ever have seen.!!! We hope anyway that you could answar us? I will send pitcure of Falco (20mnd) a son of Herbie. And I send a picture of us, so you have a face:) Please let us know your thoughts about this and if it is possible for us to have a  puppy from you. We look foreward to hear from you. (sorry we are not so good in english, but I hope you understand what I have written:) lol  Best regards"

Stian and Renate (Bergen, Norway)

"When we looked at your dogs pictures, we thought you stretched the pictures to make them look so wide. Seeing them in the flesh, they are even wider than the pictures."

Evan & Madeleine (USA)

"Hey Bob, Haven't talked to you in awhile. Your dog "Caesar" is spectacular. He's about five months. My wife our lab and I love him. He's great! A smart little shit. Sits, stays, heels, down, and kennels. Loves to play (beat the shit) out of our 7 y.o. lab. The enclosed pictures do not do him justice. He is a beautiful dog. At some point after he's a little older we'll stop and show you. My daughter is going to school in LA. He was riding up elevators, and staying at the Westin in Pasedena, last weekend.  He was a gentleman, and the hit of the hotel people. His personality is great. Thanks for the family member (AKA dog)!!!

Steve & Teresa (USA)

"Bob, just calling to say for the thousandth time THANK YOU for giving us the exact puppy we asked you to make for us! Onyx is incredible and after owning 3 other Rotts, nothing can or will compare to him. When we take him to events, everyone swarms to him and cannot believe a Rottweiler can be so beautiful.We took him tothe schutzhund club and let him work and the trainer said it has been a very long time sicne he has seen a dog so beautiful and incredibly smart and hard working in one package; everyone wanted to know where he came from. "

Ron & K (USA)

"People (Breeders) may not like what you have to say but they have the highest respect for your breeding abilities Bob"

Steve (USA)

"We're coming to you because of your reputation for making beautiful dogs in the true spirit of the breed."

Evan & Madeline (USA)

"Please look at the pictures at my website. I am so proud !!!!Thanks Bob, you have helped me with this choice Espa. Thanks for your advice Bob, i'm very happy with her !!!! xxx Met vriendelijke groet."

Remy & Yvonne Tax (Netherlands)

Breeders Note: We help breeders and individuals all over the world with their selections on puppies, breeding designs and just general teaching what we know and learning what they know. We TRULY love our breed and will do whatever it takes to help others and strive to garner even more knowledge so that we can share it. Remy and Yvonne wanted a great puppy and we directed them where to buy based around bloodline and quality/reputable breeder and what they have is a puppy that is very worthy. We help connect people, not turning them away because they did not buy from us, ever see a breeder do this for free? We do it every day.

"Hey Bob & Linda! I hope all is well ! I sent you a photo of Pismo with a little update on how she is doing. She is still filling in as to no surprise. Bob, Crystal and I couldn't be more happy with the pup we purchased from you. Her temperament is just simply amazing and her play/prey drive is is through the roof. But yet like most rotts, she just love to relax too. Overall a superior dog and  seeing her now I would have paid more for her. Thanks for taking the time in doing it right and because of that you give the breed a good name...I will be back for my next purchase when the time arrives."

Pat & Crystal (USA)

"Hey Bob, how are you brotha? Just wanted to send you a couple pics of the little big head. can't believe he's 3. He is doing so good, he goes to the beach or the river everyday, he swims like a lab and I have trained him to retrieve decoys better than some labs. He is so healthy and spoiled rotten, he gets so much attention and people are amazed by him. His temperment is a dog owners dream, he has his "my shit dont stink" attitude occasionally but it's easy to snap him out of that crap quick, but seriously he is and has become a member of the family. We would be lost with out him, he has tons of dog friends and his best friend is a pug. Jenna and i have really been talking about a second one. not any time real soon. but in the future. it will be tuff to top Cyrus when it comes to personallity, love, smarts, and temperment, but thats why we would only buy a dog from you. You created a beautiful dog for us and we are forever thankful to you. Cyrus is like our son. so if you might keep Jenna and I on your list for a second in the furture for a block head like our guy it would be greatly appriciated. I know we cant give you show records and all that and from what im told Cyrus would be a champion. but if you could see the life this little guy lives i know you would be so pleased."

Bryan, Jenna and Cyrus (USA)

(Breeder note: I can care less about whether our producings are shown or not, we want only the best homes that fully integrate our babies into their families. We are way past the ego stroke of shows and wins, we know we make some of the very best anywhere and ribbons do not replace love and happiness-Bob)

"Hey Bob, Thank you for the spectacular pup, he is a riot. He is also just about the most social pup I've been around. He's already just about house broken, sits on command, and stays for a time until given a release to get his food. Amazing! He swims across the width of our pool (20 feet). He looks awesome. His head is huge, his coloring is getting a deeper mahogany all the time. All in all a great puppy."

Dr. Steve and Teresa (USA)

"Hi Bob, Well now I can see the testimonials are true! Thank You again for sharing your expertise and insight!"

Lisa (USA)

"WOW! Absolutely amazing this dog is in every way! Of course you already know this. Thank You so much for a wonderful dog. She was a little shy at first when I opened the crate at the airport but she warmed up quickly. Crate was clean and dry. Once we got home she was playful. I see what you mean when you say she thinks she's a panther. She loves to pounce at my son. Very cute! Kind of long night. I can tell she misses you guys. She is asleep at my feet as I am writing this. Guess she is as tired as I am from last night. LOL. Thank You so much for everything! We are so happy to have her in our home."

Brad (USA)

"Good Morning Bob, I would like to say Thank You for your time yesterday and how much you taught me and my wife. As we had told you before, many breeders that we have seen in Southern California make wild claims that they fall way short off. They say to have these great beautiful Rottweilers, "The Best" as they say yet they are ugly and very sad to look at. We looked at puppies for $4500 from several self proclaimed "Top Breeders" and yet when we came to your home the pet quality puppy you had with you waiting to fly home was so much nicer. You are a very humble man Bob and obviously one that really understands how to breed Rottweilers. You are a very honest man Bob because we see what you have made and we see that you keep your promise. If the puppy was thought of to be pet quality Bob, we truly wish we could have seen what the really good puppies where like. Thank You Bob for your kindness and your very valuable time you gave to us, you have a new friend forever."

Falih & Sabihah (United Arab Emirates)

"Hey Bob... Just wanted to tell you that the pup is awesome we love her! She is so well mannered and full of spunk its ridiculous! Thanks a million!"

Joe (USA)

"Too bad more breeders aren't like you, if there were, the Rott would not have the reputation it does. Thank you for everything. Best of luck with the upcoming pairings and litters.   Are the prices the same for all litters regardless of pairings? I mean that is like picking up a Rolls Royce at a gagrage sale (I'm not trying to offend, but that is amazing!!). Your prices are similiar to many of the breeders I have looked at online, but there is NO comparison when it comes to the quality of your dogs/pups. Your pet quality pups are probably better than most people's one in a lifetime show pups. "

Darren (USA)

"Well Bob it was a huge pleasure talking with you today. Having dealt with the other breeder and definitely not getting my monies worth, plus the guy is so arrogant and thinks he is the God of Rottweilers, it was just very refreshing to talk with someone that is actually knowledgable, humble, very open about information. I really wish we had found you sooner and saved us a lot of heartache and lies. You really do care about what you do and what was even more heart felt is how much you care about your customers."

Ron and Adriana (USA)

"Hello Bob and Good Day. I enjoyed our surprisingly long conversation today, I learned so much from you, one can easily tell you care deeply and you are madly in love with your breed. Your raw honesty and as you say "bluntness" was a bit hard to take in until you realize that you are not being told what you want to hear, that you are in fact hearing what you already knew but failed to acknowledge what the real truth is. You are refreshing, enlightening, highly knowledgeable and very out spoken which I feel makes you very unique and in a whole separate class Bob compared to what is out there for breeders, Cheers."

Anne (England)

"I would like to say that you are the breeder for me, because when it come to the best I know for sure that you are. I like what I have read and honestly can say you have impressed me. Thank you."

Houa (USA)

"You have been the only breeder that has not tried to lie to me and you are the only one that actually knows something, you give me hope."

Troy (USA)

"Hello Bob, my name is Carol and I just wanted to say that you have the most incredible collection of bitches and pedigrees. Almost every breeder's web site we have looked out say they make the best Rottweilers and I find it hard to believe when their bitches look like something no one would own. We have read over your site and immediately one knows you have an incredible amount of knowledge and love for the breed, it is very evident. We loved the fact that you are not one of those breeders that takes someones money up front and hold them hostage, that tells us that you have high confidence in what you are doing. We look forward to doing business with you Bob."

Carol (USA)

" Bob, I am so glad we found you. We have talked to many breeders and all of them either know nothing or are just plain rude. Now we know why your waiting lists are so long, you take the time to teach, you take the time to listen and more importantly is that you make us feel so comfortable, secure and proud to have one of your great babies. I know you say that you are honored when people come to you but it is us that are honored to be one of your new family members."

Ed & Kari (USA)

"You know what is Funny Bob? Funny is that without your web site, so many breeders would be totally clueless on what males are out there. When you bring a dog up that most people never have heard of, all of a sudden breeders are using that dog. No one here has heard of Astor v Junipera yet, you started promoting him like 7 months ago and now you have people copying you and claiming they discovered the dog. I guess imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There are those Bob that actually try to find great males to breed to and there are those whom ride your coat tails, thought you would like to know."

Will (USA)

"Hello Bob, what a great web site and you definitely are someone we want to represent the Working Breed and Rottweilers for Dog World and Dog Fancy Magazine. we would love to extend you the spotlight position in Dog World, wow your dogs are just incredible."

Thomas, consultant Dog World and Dog Fancy Magazine

" I have spent many hours on line looking at breeders and have to say yours is the best attitude I've seen. Although we're not ready just yet for a new puppy I like to do my research. We want a family and all the other breeder's are only into showing. Because we are not interested in showing they claim we would have to settle for what was left. I love the fact that you are more interested in the home the dog goes to rather than what is going to be done with it."

Diane (USA)

"Hello Bob, just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your courtesy during our stay in your beautiful town. As we traveled back home, we did stop at other breeders and when we saw their dogs, they where absolutely nothing like their pictures on their respective web sites. It was as you stated, people are intentionally modifying their pictures in an attempt to make their dogs look bigger and better. Your dogs however, where even more impressive in person, a true testament of what real quality is and how understated your girls truly are Bob. As my wife told you, "Thank You for being you." We are now very excited to have found THE breeder for us, one with an incredible amount of knowledge and undeniably Bob you have the most overwhelming passion for the breed. Thank You Bob for being you."

Gabriel & Sandy (USA)

"I now understand why people have waited 2 years for one of your pups. It would be worth waiting for a dog with that type of lineage. Anyways, thanks again and your site is my new favorite site for updates."

Sergeant/Watch Commander Daniel (USA)

"WOW.  I am so impressed with your explanation. Even though I am not a breeder, everything you gave me is EXACTLY what I was looking for from a breeder. I am very excited and look forward in finding out when pups are available. Thank you for making my decision so easy and painless.  I look forward in hopefully meeting you and yours in the near future to get a pup, or if we can't fly out to get the pup at least have an amazing pet."

Jen, President of the world famous Whiskey Girls

"You have to be the most humble man I have ever met. Your knowledge is second to no other breeder, your web site is insightful and easy to use, your females are just spectacular. If I had one thing to complain about it is your terrible pictures you take. Your girls are a thousand times nicer in person unlike what we saw with other breeders whose dogs looked nothing like the pictures they had on their sites, in person they where just terrible. Thank You for allowing us to visit, your family is wonderful and your kennels are immaculate. You have no idea how different you truly are from all the rest, please don't ever change Bob, the breed needs guys like you."

Pamela & Cole (USA)

"Hi Bob, here is my email to confirm our conversation today. Thank You for taking the time and teaching me so much and you taught it in a fashion that was so understandable and actually fun. You truly have a passion for the breed and after at least 20 phone calls to other big name breeders, it is obvious there is only one breeder I can trust. I am not easily impressed and you have made me so excited and proud that my search found you."

Jeremiah (Canada)

"That is why I like you Bob, you are one honest Boy."

Dicky P (USA)

"Mr. Flynn, I would like to express a hearty Thank You for taking 2 hours out of your day to talk to me. I have talked to literally all of the Breeders in California and none gave me any time or any information, most where very arrogant. Not only is your knowledge overwhelming, your kindness and obviously huge passion for the breed is something all the other Breeders sorely lack. I am without doubt sold that you are here to help save and preserve the integrity of the breed. Nothing is worse than looking for a Breeder to trust, I am deeply Thankful for taking the time to contact you, you have given me hope for a great pup. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Lucille (USA)

"Hey Bob, you should get a chuckle out of this. I was out looking at pups and I viewed the Breeders computer and they where on your site, your Breeding's Page to be more exact. Seems people like to imitate what you do but, there is only one WCR and you have my business. Why bother with imitators when you can get a great pup from a great guy. Take care bro."

Richard (USA)

"Suffice to say that I am really happy that you not only are a genetic guru of the first order, but that you have a long memory and actually recall the days of the impressive Rottweilers, and that you remain committed to protecting that standard.  The breed's survival is dependent on you as it is clear that there is pressure on the allegedly “professional breeders” to sell virtually anything in order to keep paying the bills .  It is too bad that there is not some non-profit organization akin to the San Diego Zoo's genetic preservation program,  only for Rottweiler genetic preservation.  A non-profit program like that (assuming it was well-funded)  would be able to preserve the correct genetic diversity and assure the survival of the species without having it progressively weakened by the business interests of the allegedly “professional breeders”.  In essence, you are currently functioning in that protectionist role for the Rottweiler genetics.  Again, strong work you genetic mastermind.   It appears you may actually foil the diabolical plans of the allegedly professional breeders to destroy the gene pool and the correct breed standard as they pursue the almighty dollar."

Dr. Regis (USA)

"You are the only Breeder that we have found that is making a complete Rottweiler, and as you know Bob I have looked for years"

Steve (USA)

"Bob, All the other breeders whom think they know what they are doing are so far behind you. No one has the quality of your bitches, no one. No one is coming close to producing the type that you are and your foresight on where your program is going is very inspirational. What really impresses me is your photographic memory on pedigrees and the history of the breed, it is truly incredible. Never have I met a breeder that is so committed to the breed and backing it up not with words, but with incredible litters. As a Judge here and in Europe, I hope you take my comments with the highest regard. Thank you for your limitless time Bob, you are very rare in this breed. I have also made an observation that when you announce a breeding or introduce a stud dog, the amount of breeding's on that particular male increases substantially, an example is Arzadons Tayson. No one talked about the dog except you, no one knew about the dog but you had a page on him for years and now I see many breeders are now announcing breeding's to him and these are AKC Breeders! People pay attention to what you do Bob, whether you know it or not."

Withheld by WCR

"Hey Bob, Ever thought about holding seminars on Breeding Strategies and the rearing of pups? I am being real here, the other Breeders haven't a clue of how to make a great pup and you keep making one great litter after the next, all with different bitches and studs...a true testament to your knowledge and ability.

Russell (Canada)

"Hi Bob & Linda, Just wanted to send you an email and tell you that there are many, many people out here that deeply appreciate what you are doing for our breed. We are all upon agreement that way too many Breeders are making pups without any knowledge or ability to do what is right. West Coast Rottweilers puppies look like no others and is strong evidence of your commitment to excellence and not allowing distance or money to intervene in your quest to make great Rottweilers. Though you do not utilize the FCI Standard and keep the tails, we hope that some day, some day soon, you will do so because your puppies are better in our opinion than what is being offered in Europe. Please reconsider keeping the tails, you will do very well overseas.

Eric and Greta (Luxembourg)

"Mr. Flynn, my wife and I have been involved with showing in the AKC for quite a while, we feel compelled to tell you and your wife Linda, that your kennel is making some incredible Rottweilers. Undeniably, your Athena is like no other bitch now or in the past, she is just incredible. Eddy is a fabulous young up and coming male but, we just saw Diego in Pasadena and what a beautiful, powerful, and very impressive male he is. It is very obvious that your breeding program is performing quite well, surprisingly well because we have not seen this level of quality in a very long time. It is also our understanding that you have a young female that is supposed to be even more impressive than Athena, which is a feat in and of itself given her unbelievable type. We would love to open a dialogue on acquiring her."

Name Withheld Los Angeles (USA)

"Bob, Onyx is more than anything we ever dreamed of having, Thank You!. He is so beautiful, and he arrived home and settled right in like he was already a member of our family. He is so energetic, so smart to the point it is very scary because he studies you and looks you right in the eyes. He is the best Rottweiler ever!"

"Bob, Onyx arrived at the Buffalo airport without a single problem just like you said. A man there was picking up his dog and told us horror stories of puppies shipped. Once he saw Onyx, he said that who ever shipped this puppy sure knew what they where doing. Our vet said that he is the cleanest and healthiest puppy he has ever seen, Thank You Bob!"

Ron and K, NY (USA)

"No one knows how to ship a puppy like you Bob, no pee or poo and the dog was well hydrated after an 11 hour flight. Our Vet was totally impressed with how healthy he is and how much energy he has. You are a man of your word and honor, Thank You, Thank You for being everything a Breeder should be Bob."

Simon and Linda (Chili)

"You breed some kick ass puppies."

Nicole Cole/vom Konigshimmel Rottweilers (USA)

"Dear Flynn's, I just heard the voice of my new "grandson,"  Zato Ramo. He sounds adorable and opinionated. My son, Barry, just picked him up this  morning. He is so very happy!  I haven't heard that type of happiness in many months not since his Rott, Shiva, died. Thanks you so very much for making it happen. There's only the two us left in the family so his well being is # 1 on my list. I just rented a house for a couple of weeks in July on the Mendocino Coast to visit and bond with the new member of our family. We grandmothers are all alike whether of the two-legged or 4-legged variety! . Again, thank you so very much . You've made two people very happy.

Joyce (USA)

Bob, this is Sarah, Robert's wife. Thank you for the puppy info and most importantly for the puppy.  He's wonderful!  My kids are crazy for him and they're being very gentle and sweet.  He's an awesome little guy--with a lot of personality--and gorgeous too.  Please thank your wife for us.  It was such a treat to get him yesterday.  We're still settling on a name, but that should be resolved pretty soon.  Thank you again.

Robert & Sarah (USA)

"I have to say this Bob, I have been up and down California looking at pups and you spoil people. No one has pups as nice as yours and no one has bitches that are as incredible as really know what you are doing. Your pups have more bone than the adults I have seen."

Marshall (USA)

I wish continuous success in your breeding program. For it was one I highly recommend not only for myself but for any young Rottweiler enthusiast, or future breeder.

Tony (USA)

"Hi Bob, I sure did enjoy our conversation this morning. Thank you for giving me so much of your time. WOW!!! You bombarded me with soooo much knowledge, and you are so down to Earth!!!  I feel kind of privileged to be speaking with you, and even more so to be getting one of your babies!!! I am soooo excited!"

Kenzie (USA)

"Bob, it was a pleasure talking with you. I have spoken to so many breeders and none seem to have the answers, none seem to know why they where breeding. Yourself, on the other hand was incredibly knowledgeable, highly professional in your manners, and returned my call within minutes. We feel extremely confident in making our purchase from you. We where very impressed that you took what ever amount of time that was needed to answer these important questions and actually taught us the correct questions to ask breeders, but that will not be necessary now, you are the only breeder for our family."

Tawnee & Ted (USA)

"Niko is just GREAT! I was sooooooo excited when you drove up with him. He is just so beautiful and he is a big brat! I will be buying another one from your next litter"

Stella (USA)

" Are you insane Bob? Just looked at your line up of breeding's for the year and holy smokes. You are turning up the heat to a blistering level that is just crazy. It must be nice to be laying down these breeding's because no one else is breeding or trying to even come close to what you guys are doing. Every pairing is intense and every male is incredible. I don't know how you do it, but you are setting one hell of a standard in the U.S.A. "

Luca (Venezuela)

"Man Bob, how is it that your predictions are always spot on? I mean, we have looked at a lot of litters and have watched WCR for quite a while and what you say is going to happen, does just that. The others don't seem to have a clue as to what they are doing or where they are going. Impressive to say the least and we look forward to our new pup from you, THANK YOU!"

Glenn and Ivy (Canada)

"Bob, this male is incredible. The workers at the airport where all asking where he came from, they had never seen a puppy that was this nice" " Bob, Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for this wonderful puppy!"

Jack and Carol (USA) Owners

"Hey Bob, I really appreciate the Breeding's that you do, you don't see anyone else trying this hard and you really know how to pair Rotts up, they make complete sense. Thank You for doing that."

Alton (Canada)

"Hi Bob. I have never met a Breeder that is so willing to help people learn how to breed and to give such valuable information in order to help make the breed better and make people better breeders, you are the Rottweilers best friend."

Ricco (Brazil)

"Hi Bob it's Nicole. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for everything. Bubba is the most amazing puppy in the world. Thank you so very much!!!!! Hope all is well. I don't think I could thank you enough! "

Nikki (USA)

We would also like to say Congrads to one of our newest client from the world class equestrian center, Hummingbird Nest Ranch, one of the worlds finest and most beautiful facilities in the world. We truly hope that your new addition can help with your recent loss of Lars, we appreciate you for making WCR your choice in this trying time. He has a wonderful new family...........

Bob & Linda Flynn, owners West Coast Rottweilers

"This is what all breeders should strive to make."

Renowned Rottweiler Judge, the Honorable Joe Hedl (USA)

"You are the only breeder in California that is doing things the right way and is setting himself apart from all of the other breeders, in fact you are only one of a few in the U.S. that is doing their own thing and with dogs no one else knows about or can use, your stuff is really super nice, I mean really nice."

Darryl Kendricks, Black Wolf Rottweilers (USA)

"Tell Bob to keep making this type!"

Erin Piercy, Top Rottweiler Handler PHA

"Damn Bob, I did not expect to get such a great puppy. Are you sure it is mine?"

Aldo (USA)

"Hey Bob, have anymore of these great puppies? Let me know when you have another litter, I want two more."

Robert Olague (USA)

"Bob, we have looked at puppies that are ridiculously priced, twice as much as yours in fact and yours are so much more beautiful, bigger and much better in temperament."

Christy & Rex (USA)

"Bob, Luigi is an incredible puppy. We thought we had great Rotts before but, Luigi is so much thicker, faster and smarter. We are so very proud of him and everyone in Pebble Beach will love him."

Lacey (USA)

"Bob, I would have paid a lot more for this puppy, I cannot believe how incredible she is! I am amazed at how smart she is and how quick she learns, she is the best ever. Definitely worth the money."

Pat (USA)

"Bob I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for blessing me with a beautiful and gorgeous puppy!  Out of all the puppy and dogs I ever had he is the most smartest and has the best temperament in the world!  He is a very handsome dog and will represent West Coast Rottweilers very well and make us so very proud!  I'm glad I met you and we became friends because you have to be one of the nicest and understanding person in the world! Again thank you for everything and understanding, you're the BEST! "

Rodney (USA)

"Bob, I normally do not swear but this dog is so f***ing nice! Do you have any more?! His movement is incredible and he is the most beautiful dog I have ever seen"

"Bob, you cannot sell this puppy, this is something you must never sell. Never in my life have I bred something this nice, ever. I have never seen a puppy so perfectly balanced, bone strength and a great temperament. He is phenomenal! Have you seen him move? OH MY GOD!"

Maureen Wilkinson/Trollegen Rottweilers and world renowned judge/breeder for 50 years (USA) talking about WCRs Eddy vd Tal

" Gia is perfect and an all-around good dog. She is just what we wanted."

The Bakers (USA)

"Bob, you should have seen the crowds every time I took Athena out of the crate. Everyone wanted to know where this puppy came from, even the other professional handlers . I have never seen a puppy like this ever in the AKC Show Arena."

Tina Price/Professional Dog Handler/2007-08 Crufts Dog Show Qualifier

"Bosco has grown into a great dog and is so beautiful, people tell us that all the time"

Roger (USA)

"Just wanted to thank you again for such a wonderful pup and for personally delivering him. He is beyond our expectations. He is highly intelligent, a quick learner, and has a willingness to work for you that doesn't seem to quit. Because of your early socializing him with human contact, his transition into our household was a very easy one. From day one, we were able to groom him and touch his toes, teeth, etc. without any resistance. A definite plus. Though he is still very young, his potential for a compact powerful, thick physique is very evident. Can't wait to see the pup at full maturity. Very excited. "

Robert (USA)

"We would like to express our sincerest appreciation to Bob and Linda Flynn for allowing us to have this totally incredible puppy. She is one of the nicest puppies we have ever had here. Echo's temperament, personality and conformation quality are so far beyond what we'd hoped for, needless to say, we are very pleased. "

"Echo has the most perfect attitude and temperament and most of all, she's extremely highly intelligent, best dog I have ever owned"

Cheri Ruzich/Donnerberg Rottweilers(USA)

"Thanks so much for letting us have our wonderful baby....She is amazing! She is beautiful, bold, loving, funny, and already obedient to just spoken word. Thanks so much! "

The Fox's (USA)

"Whenever we take Cyrus for a walk, people always stop and comment on how beautiful he is and what a great head he has"

Brian and Jenna (USA)

"Bob, Alli is the best dog we have ever owned. She is so smart and we are thankful to have found you"

Lilly and Norbert (USA)

"These males have the best heads I have ever seen on rott pups anywhere"

Vince (USA)

"Bob, you are very honest man"

Bruno (Italy)

"Thanks Bob he is beautiful and awesome!!!!!!!"

Rod (USA)

"Hi Bob, Cowboy(Ciddo) is highly intelligent and very playful, active and smarter than me. Has a lot of energy. Cowboy is like a 2 yrs old human toddler. Completed basic training with 10 others dogs, Janice(our trainer) who trained animals for the movies etc. loves Cowboy, very impressed with Cowboy, his temperament, intelligent etc. also, his beauty. Janice will take pictures of Cowboy (portfolio) for possible role in movie. In fact, couple who has beautiful Aussies asked me where I got him from. They are impressed by his willingness to work, intelligence and beauty. "

Pam (USA)

"Bob, I think you are one of the very best breeders in all of North America"

Sandra Bevanda/Alten Festung Rottweilers (Croatia)

"Hey Bob you are very informed person, it is a privilege to speak with you, I say it in serious"

Gaston (South America)

"I found you guys on the internet and have absolutely fallen in love with your dogs. They have outstanding conformation and the fact that you breed the kind of Rottweiler I love...strong bone, blocky heads, muscular, and powerful makes me ecstatic to have found you guys."

Rachel (Canada)

"Bob, you make rottweilers that every breeder wishes they can make. Your knowledge is second to none, your honesty is a breath of fresh air"

Lars (Sweden)

"This is the best dog ever Bob, he has so much bone and a great, great temperament"

Kevin (USA)

"Bob, I want to thank you so much for all the help you have given me .Thanks for not sugar coating anything on any of the questions I have asked. I like the way you have guided me in my search. If you ever hear of me having the dog that is all that and then some,give me a call or email .I will let you breed it for free .I have not found many breeders like you willing to send emails and make calls for someone they didn't know,or getting anything from .I think it says a lot for your breeding program."

Chris & Nicole (USA)

"Hello Bob, it's Scotty and all I can say is WOW! This dog is great!"

Scotty (USA)

"Bob, this puppy is incredibly intelligent and his movement is gorgeous"

Becky (USA)

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