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WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

german rottweilers

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Multi VPI Puppy Class, HD- ED- 66cm 122lbs

The freak show cometh namd Yago and what a great dog he is. Super producer and a super pedigree. One of the all time favorites Quantas v Jagersburger Forst brings attitude and super movement through Hakim v Brunnenweible. Yago is arguably going to be one of the very best producers anywhere.Everytime we have used him, nothing but great stuff came forward...a dog that can blend with a lot of lines and bring out the quality. In only a handful of coverings his offspring have garnered many big wins...proof positive.

Q-Litter Pictures Here from WCR's Dallas vd Tal

R-Litter Pictures Here from WCR's Hera vd Tal

T-Litter Pictures Here from WCR's Dallas vd Tal  

Carl v Carrabbahaus

HD- Ed+/-


Quantas v Jagersburger Forst

Int.Ch, DT.VDH-C, BS '02, AD, BH, Korung, HD- ED-


Hakim v Brunnenweible

Int./DT.VDH-CH ES'99, SchIII, AD, BH, ZtPR. HD-

Lexa v Schwaiger Wappen

Multi V-1 Siegerin SchHI, BH, ZtP, HD-, ED+

Wera v Lenthe

BH, ZTP, BPH, VP1, BP2, VP3 German Import Pink Papered HD+/- ED-


Balou v Silberblick

DT.VDH-CH, Bayern-SG'02, BH, AD, SchHIII, Gek, HD-,ED-

Maxi v Lenthe


Frida Sirmium Kids

HD-, IPOI, HD- Full brother to the great Falko Sirmium Kids


Osco v Junipera

Yu.Ch, IPOI, 4 x PRM, 5 x CAC, 2 x r.CAC, 4 x BOB


Flash v Wolfert Turm

V-1 Hungarian/Russian/Yug CH SchH III, IPO III HD- 5CAC, 3HPJ, 7BOB, 2PRM

Cora v Zimmerplatz

Intl.Ch, Yugo Ch, IPOI, 2xCAC, CACIB, HD-




Falco vd Teufelsbrucke

Intl.Ch, Dt.VDH, ES '95, KS '94, '95, O-BS '94, O-KS '96, VDH-ES '96 '97, IFR '93, SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, AD, BH, Gek bis EZA, ZtPR, HD-

Lea Mali Medvjed 


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