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Rottweilers with Frozen Semen

Semen is available on these various exceptional producers, all will greatly enhance your Rottweiler Breeding Programs

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Apoll v Kriegsdamm (Italy)

Ambassador v Shambala x Xenia vom Kriegsdamm

Multi VI, IPOI, IFR World Championships Working Class rated Excellent, HD-A (Free), ED-O (Free) ZtPr

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Astor v Junipera (Croatia)

Waro vh Sommer x Volga od Dragicevica

Multi VI, BOB, BOG, BIS, Young Ch of Croatia, Croatian KSGR 2009, IFR World Show VI, Vice Holland KSGR,Lechschau Jugendsieger 2008 (ADRK) V2 Belgian Klub Show 2008, Italian Klub Show V1 Youth Winner/Best Young Male/Auslandjugendsieger 2008, 2008 Youth Vice Sieger Europe, HD-, ED-

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Arzadons Tayson (Denmark)

Barni od Dragicevica x Arzadon Nancy

IPOIII, ZtPR(Germany), BH, UHP, FRI, Mental Test Passed HD/ED frei, FCI International Champion, ADRK Klubsieger Jungendklasse V2, BIS Benelux Show Jungendklasse V1, Swedish Champion, Finnish Champion, Nordisk Junior Winner 2004, Nordic Winner 2004, BOB/Nordic Winner 2005, Danish Klubjugensieger 2004, Danish Klubsieger 2004/BOB-2005-2006, Westkusten Jugensieger 2005, Rostock Sieger 2006, Schwalesieger 2006, Chosen for England Crufts Show 2006, ADRK KS 2006 Siegerklasse V2, Elbe Sieger 2006, Neumunster Sieger 2006, Danish Klub Sieger 2007, Portugal Klub Sieger 2007, Swedish Klub Sieger 2007, Europa Sieger 2006, ADRK Bundessieger 2006, ADRK Jahrhundsieger 2006, ADRK Schwalesieger 2006, V1 German Bundessieger Show 2007, Polish KS 2007, BISS Thailand 2007. NTRG Bundessiger Thailand 2007, NTRG Klubsieger Thailand 2007.
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Arzadons Zato (Danish Import, resides in Germany)

Arzadons Tayson x Ajka iz Stiske Doline

2008 USRC National Sieger, NE Regional Sieger 2008, V-rated 2007 German Federal/Bundessieger Show Working Class, V1 rated, V2 Hamburg Elbeshau Res.-Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, V4 Friedrich -Berger Show, HD- ED-, SchHIII, BH

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Benno vh Falconsnest (Belgian Import USA)

Cliff vd Konigskanzel x Zaba vh Falconsnest

Lux.Ch, Multi BOB, Multi CACIB, Multi V-1, VPGI, AD, BH, ZtPR.BE, ZtPR.DE, HD frei, ED +/-, Cardiac Clear

carlos vd golan hohen

Carlos vd Golan Hohen (German Import USA)

Balou v Silberblick x Quinta v Wolpinghausen

V 2007 ADRK Klub Show, V1 Working Class Holland Klub Show 2007, 2xV2 USRC Nationals 2006-2007, 9 xV1, 19xV, V8 KS '04, V Rated KS '06 & '07, SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, ZtPR, HD frei, ED+/-, Pink Papered, ABST/Korung

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Cooghan Buoso da Dovara (Italian Import USA)

Gauna v Sonnenhugel x Quasama dei Floriopoli

Italian Import HD-A EDI

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Dargo vom haus Ballistic USA

Brutus vom Carrabbahaus x Coco vom Dreilaendereck

SG 2010 ADRK Klubshau

Dargo is an incredible male and will be a great addition here at WCR. 1A eye and inky black mouth along with a very rare pedigree that is filled with al the "fit-it" dogs of the past in close generations, Dargo is going to be an incredible male for breeding.

Strong bone, solid nerves, huge head, short thick neck and chest, tight solid flat top line and great rear angulation, Drago is going to be the most extreme and solid Rottweiler this side of the Mississippi.

At the 2010 ADRK Klubschau he was a crowd favorite but was awarded the rating of SG for being "TOO MUCH DOG!" Well, given the state of the Rottweiler around the world, Dargo IS THE TYPE WE NEED!

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Eric v Carrabba Haus (USA)

Herbie v Gruntenblick x Wendi v Lenthe

V2-Rated, HD- ED+/-

puppies rottweiler

Gauna v Sonnenhugel

Amboss v Teufelsteich x Farah vd Furstenwiesen

SchHIII, BH, ZtPR (Germany) HD+/-, ED +/- Swiss-Ks 2001, Ontario Sieger 2000, NCRS Sieger 2000, Toronto Sieger 2000, V1, NARF, National Sieger 2000, Campione Riproduttore (Champion of Reproducing )

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Herbie v Gruntenblick (German Import USA)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Toga v Kummelsee

INT.CH, USRC National Sieger 2006 & 2009, DT.VDH-CH, Grenzlandsieger 2007, Westfalensieger, Schonster Rude & Lech Shau Sieger 2006 , V1 BOB CACIB Paris, Freidrich Berger Show V1 BOB CAC, Heidesieger 2006 BOB, Canadian National Sieger 2006, V1 2006 ADRK Klusieger Show, V1 2006 ADRK Bundessieger Show, Bundessiegerzuchtschau 2006 V1, Frankreich Champagne 2007 V1 BOB CACIB, Zaragoza ( Spanien ) CACIB BOB,Multi CAC, VPGII, ZtPR, BH, ED frei, HD frei (Germany)

Karl vh Neubrand (German Import USA)

Unkas vh Neubrand x Farina v Gruntenblick

Multi V1 Rated, V1 Klub Show Germany, 65cm, 108lbs, 2B eye , HD- ED+, SchHIII, BH, ZtPR
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Leroy v Haysherak (Italy)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Rebecca della Rocca Brancaleone

Multi V1 Rated, IPOI, Champion Giovane S. Marino, Top Dog Giovane 2007,Top Young Dog 2007, ZtPR, HDB
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Massimo v Carrabba Haus (USA)

Timo vd Scherau x Jessi v Brukroft

Multi VI Rated, 2009 Toronto Canada Youth Sieger, HD- ED-

german rottweilers

Rios vd Alten Festung (Croatia)

Mambo vd Crossener Ranch x Petra Earl Antonius

Austrian Klubsieger 2006 & 2007, Multi BIS, BOG, Multi BOB, Multi CACIB, r.CACIB, CAC, r.CAC, V2 IFR 2004, 2 x V1 Rovinj RSS, V3 Euro Dog Show 2005, V2 ORK KS 2005, CACA/CACIB Working Class BS Germany 2005, 3 x BOB 2007, over 20 x V1, Most successful rottweiler ever in Croatia
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Timo vd Scherau (Italian Import USA)

Akino vd Lauterbrucke x Lucie vd Scherau

VPGI, Multi V1, Multi CAC, HD frei, ED+/-
rottweilers puppies for sale

Zorro dei Floriopoli (Italy)

Lux v Bickesheim II x Naomi dei due Salici



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