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Petra's son Rios wins Austrian KS 2006 & BOB, defeating Germany's Best!

Croatian Rottweiler Import

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The Most Successful Female Rottweiler Ever In Croatia And One Of The Most Successful In The World

DOB:20.08.1998 Deceased 2007
HD:free, IPO I, Breeding Test U.V.II

Show Results

V-1 USRC ODRK Show Virginia Veterans Class 2006

V-1 USRC IERC Show Riverside, CA Veterans Class 2006

Best Foreign Female ADRK Klub Show 2002

V-4 Champion Class ADRK Klub Show 2002

Best Pair ADRK Klub Show 2002

CAC, BOB, BISS Romanian Klub Show

Vice Central Europa Winner

First ever winner of "Champion Of Rovinj" Specialty Show BISS and BOB

Zagreb Show Winner

2 x BISS

26 x CAC


4 x r.CACIB

8 x BOB

Over 20 x V1

Over 30 x V-Rated


Big, strong bone, very good built, calmly, attentively, very good, strong built head with medium sized , correctly carried ears. Deep brown eyes, very good stop, short, wide muzzle, Mouth pigment dark, strong, short neck, very good deep and wide chest, front legs correct stand and angulations, short back, muscled thighs, very good angulations, middle brown correct markings, very health coat, very good movement with very good step forward, scissor bite. V-4 Best Foreign Female at ADRK KS 2002


Large, strong bones, very good substance, excellent angulation, strong head, very good in type, small ears, correct carriage, brown eyes, very good stop, very good cheek bones, short strong muzzle, dark mouth pigmentation with a little bit of pink spots, broad and straight back, correct croup, strong coat, markings a little bit too light, attentive, friendly. Free and far reaching-excellent movement-V1

Once in a lifetime, a rare opportunity presents itself. One must be keen enough to realize its potential and seize it. The Flynn Family would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to Sandra Bevanda of vd Alten Festung Kennels . Our family appreciates Sandra recognizing that we could and will provide the cherished and loving home that Petra deserves to have, outside of her past home at vd Alten Festung.

Petra Earl Antonius comes from a repeat breeding that created the legendary "G" litter Crni Lotos, most namely Gil Crni Lotos. Tara od Dragicevica and Dam to the famous Destiny od Dragicevica, Tomona od Dragicevica are sisters of Petra. In the repeat breeding, Bessy vh Krammer IPO1 was replaced by her litter sister, YU.CH, ROKSG Britta vh Krammer IPO1. As great genetics have shown, Petra has excelled in the show ring and litter box, much like her brother Gil, the Worlds Most Winning Rottweiler ever. Petra has proven to carry the genetic lineage, producing many top show Rottweilers on the European show scene, most notably CRO.J.CH, Austrian Klub jugendsieger '03, Austrian Bundesieger '05 Austrian KS 2006 Rios vd Alten Festung IPOI, Danish Ch Rolf vd Alten Festung IPOI and Vulcano vd Alten Festung, plus a great many more. Petra is arguably one of the best producing bitches in the Rottweiler World, daughter of one of the top producing males in history, Beni. Here is a typical Petra male at 1 year of age (Viggo 1, 2, 3 V-Rated in 4 countries). One thing I have noticed about Petra pups, other than their excellent type and size is that they are incredibly intelligent. All the pups where so easy to train, mentally surpassing their very young age.

There is no other bitch in North America like Petra Earl Antonius. She brings great size, dark eye, black mouth, massive broad head, compact thick back, the widest barrel chest and rib cage, beautiful hard temperament and an exceptional producer of excellent hips and elbows. Take the time and research her offspring, Gil's littermates and offspring, Beni's, etc; an incredible number of excellent hips and elbows will be found. I personally have never seen a female that compares to her in width, thickness and head size, she is a true site to be seen in person. Once again, we are proud that Sandra Bevanda of vd Alten Festung has provided us with this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, she knows very well that her "sweetheart" will be provided and cared for as only she could.

We have genuinely touched by the great many emails throughout Europe telling us how fortunate that we are to have a dog of such high genetic value. Nothing but strong praise for Petra and for her continued successes. Thank You all.

Petra is line bred 2/3 Gil v. Burgthann, Cora v Ries 3/4


18x CAC, 2 CACIB, R.CACIB, 10 BOB, 2 BOG, R.BIS JCHYU, CH YU, IPO1, V1 Spec. Rot. Show RO HD- ED-

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Flash v Wolfert Turm

V-1 Hungarian/Russian/Yug CH SchH III, IPO III HD- 5CAC, 3HPJ, 7BOB, 2PRM

Gil v Burgthann


Petra v Fusse der Eifel

SchHI, BH, ZtPR, HD+/-



Bazzi v Zimmerplatz

IPOI, 2 x PRM, HD-

Bejbi Crni Lotos

Yug. Youth CH., Youth Siegerin, r.CAC, 5 x CAC, INTCH, P'93 D.P'94, PRM

Britta vh Krammer

Ch Yug, Ro.Klsg IPO1, HD-

rottweiler kennel

Gil v Burgthann


Chris v Obergrombacher Schloss

BS'89 HD-Frei SchH III AD Gekort

Cora v Ries


Beyra v Hankos

4xHPJ Baja Fiat Szepe FGY Fiat KLGy.CAC HJCH

Siggo v Mariannenthal

Int'l/Hung CH SchH I, 6XCAC, 2Xr.CAC HD-

Verona v Golf

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