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WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

rottweilers puppies for sale

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Netherlands Youth Champion 2012, Amsterdam Youth Winner 2012, Multi V1 ,CAC, BOB, J-CAC, Rated

67cm, 60kg (132lbs)HD frei, ED frei

D.O.B. 09.01.12

Owned by friend Johan Moser/Moserbear Kennels, Holland. Jero is a force to be reckoned with. At ONLY 16 months, he is dominating every class and is already over 60kgs/132lbs. Jero is THE youth male in Europe and with good reason, he is a man among boys in the ring.

The pedigree is strong, really strong full of exceptional size, quality and temperaments; a great blending from lines aall over Europe showing that when you seek out quality producers, you go where ever they are and watch it all come together. There are very few Arzadon Zato offspring in the world, the heir to the great and one of the most titled Rottweilers in all of history, Arzadon Tayson. With one of the great producers ever, Morro vh Marker you have a very powerful top side of the pedigree.

Looking at the bootom, I have to smile as I know it all too well. Pascha Earl Antonius is the full sister to our great Naja Earl Antonius..proof showing that when a breding was great and you repeat it, you can have lightening strike twice...and it did. Aksa van Moserbear is just a great bitch, a great representation of her pedigree. Rex vd Bleichstrasse is a male you jsut don't see much of imn pedigrees and he had one of the best heads in the was very smart breeding mixing Rex with Pascha as it fixes the need of Rex which was his rear end. Now you have the best of all worlds coming together.

Arzadon's Zato

2008 USRC National Sieger, NE Regional Sieger 2008, V-rated 2007 German Federal/Bundessieger Show Working Class, V1 rated, V2 Hamburg Elbeshau Res.-Anw. Dt. Ch. VDH, V4 Friedrich -Berger Show, HD- ED-, SchHIII, BH. The only male to defeat Djuke Vilstalerland TWICE in head to head shows!

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Arzadon's Tayson

IPOIII, ZtPR(Germany)BH, UHP, FRI, Mental Test Passed HD/ED frei, ROSTOCK SIEGER 2006, SCHWALESIEGER 2006, INT.CH, SWEDISH CH, FINNISH CH, NORDISK JUNIOR WINNER 2004, NORDIC WINNER 2004, BOB/NORDIC WINNER 2005, WESTKUSTEN JUGENSIEGER 2005, DANISH KLUBJUGENSIGER 2004. DANISH KLUBSIEGER 2004/BOB -2005-2006, ADRK Klubsieger Jungendklasse V2, BIS Benelux Show Jungendklasse V1, Chosen for England Crufts Show 2006, ADRK KS 2006 SIEGERKLASSE V2, ELBE SIEGER 2006, NEUMUNSTER SIEGER 2006, VI 2007 German Federal/Bundessieger Show Champion Class, Polish KS 2007, BISS Thailand 2007. NTRG Bundessiger Thailand 2007, NTRG Klubsieger Thailand 2007.

Barni od Dragicevica

Slowenischer Jugendsieger HD-A1   AA-1/2

Arzadons Nancy


Ajka iz Stiske Doline


Morro vh Marker

SchHI, AD, BH, ZtPr, VDH-CH. YUG-CH'01 Bundesieger '01 V1, Europasieger '02 V2, Klubsieger '02 V2, FCI Europe '03 V1, Bodensee Sieger '03 V1, Ch. Klubsieger

Kimba iz Stiske Dolina


Aksa van Moserbear

Nederlands Champion,  Beste in Nederland gefokte Teef 2010, N.R.C. Clubwinster 2010,Winnaar N.R.C Showbokaal 2009, Multi V1, CAC, CACIB, J-CAC, R-CAC, HD- ED- MAG

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Rex von der Bleichstrasse

DT. VDH Champion, BH, Ztp, SchH/VPG III , HD-frei, ED-frei

Emil vd Bleichstrasse

Multi V-1, BH,SchHIII, ZtPR , HD-, ED-.

Gwen vd Bleichstrasse

Bundessiegerin 2003, Finalist DM 2003 + 2004 +2005 + 2006HD -, ED+/- , ZtPR , BH ,
SchHIII/IPOIII, Gekört Eza

Pascha Earl Antonius

Nederlands kampioenen, Meerdere nederlands jeugdkampioenen en Luxemburgs Jeugdkampioen, Multi VI, HD-ED- MAG

Gonzzo Earl Antonius

INT. CHAMPION SCGJ/SCG/BIH/VEJ-CH Vice Europa Young Champion ADRK Orlasieger 2004 BENELUX WINNER 2004 ALBERTA SIEGER ( US )2005 CANADA SIEGER 2005 ARGENTINA Winner 2005  HD +/- ; ED +/-

Aksa Elez Rott

ETRK Siegerin & Most Beautiful in Show '05 Champion of Serbia 4 X CAC2 X R.CAC
IPO I HD +/-; ED+/-

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