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Italian Rottweiler

rottweiler kennel

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SchHIII, BH, ZtPR (Germany) HD+/-, ED +/- Swiss-Ks 2001, Ontario Sieger 2000, NCRS Sieger 2000, Campione Riproduttore (Champion of Reproducing)

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Bergkamen, Germany
W. Walter
Europasieger, Germany
O. Vogel
Schottheide, Germany
P. Fleige
IFR Belgium
G. Wodak
Ottawa, Canada
H. Teske
V1, Ontario Sieger
Chicago, USA
F. Schaaf
V1, NCRS Sieger
Maryland, USA
J. Mehlin
V1, NARF, National Sieger
Toronto, Canada
A. Zansch
V1, Sieger
KS, Switzerland
H. Meister
V1, Schwz KS
Tullin, Germany
F. Martin

Gauna (pronounced Gawna) is one of those truly remarkable dogs, owned by Bruno Morstabilini of Buoso Da Dovara Kennels, Italy . His type is exceptional, his working ability is equally matched to his type. He came to Canada for a very short period of time and, while he was here he cleaned house in the show arena. Those whom saw Guana comment that there has never been a dog better than he to step a paw in Canada. Having seen Gauna offspring, the choice became very obvious that he is a dog to be utilized in our breeding program. His offspring have excelled in the show ring around the world and in the schutzhund arena on a world class level. As a young male, he bested the notable Akino vd Lauterbrucke. Solidly bred (line bred Morris v. Rauchfang 3/4), Gauna is an excellent example of the great producer Amboss v Teufelsteich. Take a good look at his pedigree; all but one is HD frei and a very good portion is Gek.bis EzA. His bloodline is something every kennel should posses to assure excellence and incredible working drive. At 9 years of age, Guana is still breeding constantly, dell'Antico Guerriero Kennels has numerous breeding's planned this year with Guana.

Guana is a true example of how VDT/West Coast Rottweilers thinks "outside of the box" with respect to breeding's/pairings. We go to great lengths to find what works, regardless of country.

From Gauna's owner, the great breeder Bruno Morstabilni ...

"During his brief exhibition career Gauna praises, titles and prestigious placings gained in Europe, Canada and USA. In Germany the second place in Youth Class at the Europasieger in Dortmund, then the first place in Working Class at the I.F.R World Championship in the year 2000 in Diest in Belgium. In Switzerland the prestigious title of Klubsieger 2001, in Austria the first place in Working Class at the Bundesieger of Tulln in the year 2001. In Canada the Ontario Sieger title obtained in Ottawa in the year 2000, the first place in male Working Class at the Toronto Sieger Show during the year 2001, the NCRS Sieger title in Chicago, in the Illinois state (USA) in the year 2001 and for last the first place in Working Class at the NARF NAT Sieger show in the Maryland (USA).Both in Europe and in Canada, also in the USA, we had the pleasure to compete with the most important representatives of the breed. This gives great pride and prestige to his victories."

Amboss v Teufelsteich

VDH-Ch, SchHIII, AD, BH, ZtPR, HD frei V1 '86 KS

rottweiler kennel

Ben v Erfttal

SchHIII, IPOIII, AD, BH, Gek bis EzA, HD frei

Ambassador v Freienfels

SchHIII, FH, AD, Gek bis EzA, HD frei

Selly v Kupferdach

SchHI, AD, HD frei

Akina v Wiescheider-Moor

SchHIII, AD, BH, HD frei

Condor v Oeterkotten

SchHII, HD frei

Raica v Rauberfeld

SchHII, FH, BH, HD+/-

Farah vd Furstenwiesen

SchHI, FH, BH, HD frei


Arri v Hertener Wappen

SchHIII, IPOIII, AD, FH, Gek bis EzA, HD frei

Dack v Sorgenloch

SchHIII, FH, HD frei


SchHI, HD frei

Assi vd Furstenwiesen


Morris v Rauchfang

BS'85, SchHIII, IPOIII, FH, Gek bis EzA, HD frei

Ira v Sachsen

SchHI, AD, HD frei

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