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WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

American Rottweiler Male


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American/Canadian Champion RO-61973F27M-PI

RO-TH113/27M-PI, RO-CA1289/46M/P-PI-ECHO


Bred by famed Rottweiler Breeder Roma Stewart of Cidel's Kennel and owned by world renowned Rottweiler Breeder and judge Maureen Wilkinson/Trollegen Rottweilers. Bruin posses incredible type: Black eyes, black mouth pigmentation, tight lips, tall, short compact back, harmonious top to neck line, excellent front/rear angles, small tight feet, a beautiful headpiece with a tall, powerful stop, excellent cheek and an incredible, hard temperament.

Bruins pedigree is an example of excellence in German Rottweiler breeding and some of the best working blood and the who's-who of the American Rottweiler History. On the American bred side, you have 7 Gold and Silver Sires in 4 generations, including numerous Hall of Fame Inductees. As you venture further back, you will find a great many more Gold & Silver Sires, Hall of Fame and the legends of American Rottweilers. These are the Rotts that all books on the History of the Rottweiler in America is based upon.

Bruin is an excellent example of two excellent bloodlines coming together, creating one phenomenal dog. Trollegen Rottweilers have been the foundation stock for the oldest and best kennels in the U.S., Canada, Hungary, Finland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia and a great many other countries. Trollegen males have always possessed true working temperaments. Trollegen is responsible for one of Czechoslovakia's best and highest scoring working Rottweiler.

Dark Hollows Artos v Coultrain 

Canadian Ch., RO-51208G25M-T

rottie puppies

Endo vd Teufelsbrucke

BISS Select American Ch, SchHI, BH, ZtPR, HD- RO-31340

Danjo v Schwaiger Wappen


Golda v Sonnenberg

INT./VDH-CH, BS'86, KS'87,  SchHI, FH, AD, Gekort bis, HD+/-

Conny v Oberpfalzer Tor

SchHI, ZtPR, HD+/-

Doc vd Teufelsbrucke

Int.CH, O-KS '95, SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, Gek, HD-

Brina vd Falkenkanzel

SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, HD-Frei

Krieckside's Ebony Pearl

American Champion, RO-56231F30F


Coultrain's Hudson v Autohaus



Ironwood's Gremlin

American Ch, ARC Gold Sire, MRC Hall of Fame, RO-17903E25M, RO-EL1018

Rodsden's Opel v Noorja

American Ch, RO-26107G24F

Krieckside's Java


Cannon River Independence

American/Canadian Ch, Am CD, ARC Gold Sire, RO-14343G26M

Krieckside's Ahyla


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