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WCR has no financial stakes in the studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

Serbian Rottweiler Import


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HD- ED- Serbian Import

What a great find Frenki was for us. Frenki has not only a full pedigree of dogs we built for decades, but he has dogs we wanted. Frenki is full of the dogs that made various kennels world famous, this is what we go after.

Uzi Flash Rouse is a male I have looked at for a long time, now I have something from him. He is 2/3 Ramona vd Crossener Ranch and pumped full of germany's very best in type and temperament. Bereta OD Lovrica is 2/3 Brando v Kelemen, so between Frenki's two parents we are already off to a great start. I consider Brando to be highly instrumental to the breed and a great producer of head type. Every way you look at his pedigree, it is full of the very best from everywhere.


Uzi Flash Rouse

HD- ED-, Young Ch. Serbia, Semberija Young Club Winner, Trofey JugenSieger 2011, Paracin JugendSieger 2011, BRK Combi JugendSieger 2011, Best Young Dog 22.Südpfalzschau V1 Young Class, Young Club Winner Slovenia, Young Club Winner Croatia

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Merlin Flash Rouse

HD+/- ED+/-, BH, Young Ch Bosnia, Young Ch Croatia, Vice World Winner 2009, V6 Klubsiegerzuchtschau Duisburg 2008, VI Czech Republic Klubsieger, VI Balkansieger Nis, Bosnia and Hercegovina Sieger V1 Best male in Show , CACIB Split V-1Young Winner, Best Young Rottweiler in Show.

Gringo v Gruntenblick

Austrian CH, OKS, OBS, BH, ZtPR, VPGIII, HD- ED-

Ramona v.d Crossener Ranch


Tika Flash Rouse

HD+/- ED+/-, Young Ch of Serbia, Multi VI, Multi BOB, XIX. MÁRK CAC Klubsieger Zuchtschau V1, Foreign Club Winner BOB, Spec Show Kragujevac Young Club Winner, CACIB Irig V1,CACIB, BOB , RBOG, BG Dreiländereck- Blansingen V1 Dreiländereck JungenSieger, Epi winner Slovenia 2010 V1 CAC Best Female BOB, V1 CACFrankenSiegerin, V9 2010 ADRK KS Coesfeld

Dack Flash Rouse

HD+/- ED+/- I.F.R. Young World Winner `07, VDH EJS '07, Slovenian Youth Winner '07, Benelux Youth Winner '07, Hungarian Youth Sieger '07, FCI Europa Youth Sieger '07, ADRK KS '07 V2 r.Anw, DtCh VDH Auslandsieger

Cora Flash Rouse


Bereta OD Lovrica

IPOI, HD- ED+/- Cro ZtPR, Always VI rated Full sister to Bomber OD Lovrica

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Gery vh Drazic

HD+/- ED+/- KS Romania 2007 - KLUBJUGENDSIEGER- Best Young Dog of All, Young CH of Serbia, CAC Novi Sad Young Winner, Dog Show CACIB Natalinci BOB and R.BOG, Euro Dog Show ZAGREB V4, Italian Champion, International Champion, San Marino Champion, International Expo Champion, WINNER "I Trophy Arkon Dell' Antico Guerriero R.C.I." 2008., TOP DOG 2008, BEST ADULT MALE OF ITALIAN ROTTWEILER CLUB 2008, CAMPANIASIEGER 2010

Brother to Gref vh Drazic and Greta vh Drazic



Zitta vh Drazic


Afa v Beni


Brando v. Kelemen

HD- ED- IPOI Young Champion of Serbia and Montenegro, Adult Champion of Serbia, 10x VI

Vana v. Bonzi Star


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