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HD- (OFA GOOD) 66cm 125lbs

Ernesto aka Razor is a type of Rottweiler that is almost extinct. Big, powerful, thick and super correct in type with a very solid temperament, Razor shows what the past was like. Many Rottweiler Breeders shoot to make something big, but for the masses they fall well short of the mark. Making a large Rott is very hard, they get all loose in skin, blown lips, eye lids sag, no rear general they made a Rott that has little quality.

When you look at Razor, he demands attention and you jut can't get past him. When Razor was made available to us to utilize within our program you can bet we jumped all over him! You just do not get these opportunities with a big male of this caliber very often.

His pedigree is filled with some exceptional Rottweilers: Karl vh Neubrand is considered to be the most beautiful Rottweiler in the history of the breed. ARC National Sieger '10. SWRS'10, ECRK Sieger '10. ADRK Klub Sieger Zuchtschau 2006 SchH/VPGIII, BH, ZtPR, AD, IPOIII. HD-Frei ED+/-. His sire Unkus vh Neubrand is the German National Schutzhund Champion; that is the most prestigious award in Germany for a Rottweiler PLUS he backed it up with an IFR World Championship in protection. This working ability comes through Greif v Oberhausener Norden, whom is the grandson of two famous working champions, DM-FH'86 Boris v Suderbrunnen SchHIII FH DM-FH'86 Gek and LS'85, Rehburg "V" DM-SchH'85 Erasmus vom Magdeberg SchHIII ZtPR, HD- . Behind them are some of Germany's toughest Rotts ever, a wonderful thing to have.

On Karls bottom side is filled with the dogs that have shaped the Rottweiler as we know it today in the conformation arena; Rick v Burgthann, Noris v Gruntenblick, and many more. Orlando vh Neubrand is a good dog to have in a pedigree, he is a "fix it" dog in Germany for shoulder lay and other fine details that gives you that overall complete Rottweiler and is the full sister to the winningest female in history, Oxana vh Neubrand INT./SCHWZ./DT.VDH-CH. KS'04 ES'04 SchHIII, FHI, AD, BH, IPOIII, HD- ED- . Farina v Gruntenblick is a product of 3/4 Rick v Burgthann line breeding, Orlando is the product of our very favorite female in history, Cora v Rosslesgarten who is the full sister to the great Ciddo v Rosslesgarten IPO-I, HD +/- ED -, EJS'99(VDH),  JOsKS'99,  JKS Ro'99,  V1(o/k) ADRK'00, V1(w/k)EW'00, CH Ua, Rus  2x CAC(Ru),  2x CAC(De),  CAC(PL),  5x CAC(Ua). Both Ciddo and Cora where the Youth European Champions of 1999, an impressive feat for siblings.

Razors dam is Quadra vh Anin, a very traditional German Style Rottweiler bitch. Her sire is the great Ambassador v Shambala DT-VDH-CH Vice-WS'03 HD- ED- SchHI BH ZtPR whom is regarded as a great producer of his type. We are highly pleased to be bringing in the Balou v Silberblick DT.VDH-CH, Bayern-SG'02, BH, AD, SchHIII, Gek, HD-, ED- which is exceptional for coats, body and temperament. I am a HUGE fan of Vico vd Flugschneise 05 USRC National Sieger, DT.VDH-CH, HD-frei, ED-frei, BH, AD, ZtPR, VPGIII whom I spent time with and I have been impressed with him ever since ..incredible dog. What's best..out of all this greatness, is the doubling up of Jackomo vd Bleichstrasse EJS'94, SchHIII, IPOIII, BH, AD, ZtPR, HD+/-, ED-frei behind Balou and Vico...this makes for some super type!

Razor is not offered to stud by his owner

Karl vh Neubrand
Multi V1 Rated, V1 Klub Show Germany, 65cm,, 2B eye , HD- ED+, SchHIII, BH, ZtPR

rottweiler puppies

Unkas vh Neubrand

DM-VPG'04, SchH/VPG III, IPO III,  BH, ZTP,  HD-Frei,  ED + German National Schutuzhund Champion 2004, IFR Protection World Champion 2005

Falco v Weihungstal

SchH/VPGIII, BH, ZtPR, HD-Frei ED-Frei

Romy vh Neubrand

SchH/VPG I BH, ZtP, HD- Frei

Farina v Gruntenblick

Multi V1, SchH/VPGIII, FH1, AD, Ztp, BH

Orlando vh Neubrand


Olfa v Oeterkotten

SchH II, BH, ZtPR, HD-frei, ED+/-

Quadra vh Anin

Multi VI, HD+

rottweiler puppys

Ambassador v Shambala


Balou v Silberblick

DT.VDH-CH, Bayern-SG'02, BH, AD, SchHIII, Gek, HD-, ED-

Cleopatra v Hammerbachtal


Unja v Schlosshof


Vico vd Flugschneise

05 USRC National Sieger, DT.VDH-CH, HD-frei, ED-frei, BH, AD, ZtPR, VPGIII

Sina v Schlosshof


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