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WCR has no financial stakes in the Rottweiler studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the Rottweilerr breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production

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Dragon is owned by our good friend Kiko at von hause Zizakov, Serbia. Where do you start with this pedigree because its crazy fun. We will start with Faridon Crni Lotos whom has super type and you can see this type coming through in Dragon. His grandfather Phyton Crni Lotos is one of the greatest movement dogs and he is doubled on him through Oda vh Nadja. Felix Crni Lotos is the product of a doubling of the famous big male Ramzes Crni Lotos and also brings in the great head type producer Brando v Kelemen. Alfa v Junipera comes in on a linebreeding to create Dzeni vh just on the sires side there is a lot going on!

Megi Crni Vitez and I have history as I wanted to buy her as a puppy. First thing noticable is she is doubled on the super producer Noris vd Alen Festung, a line we have had here for ages and understand it well. But what I wanted out of this is Nelson vd Alten Festung whom I have always wanted something from..the boy throws type.

Faridon Crni Lotos

HDA, EDI, Multi VI, BIS, BOB, CAC IPOI, Ch Serbia

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Felix Crni Lotos

HDA ED1, International Champion, Young Champion of Serbia, Adult Champion of Serbia, Champion of Romania, Champion of Hungary, Multi Champion, BOB, BOG, BIS, BH, IPOI, ADRK KS 09 -V5 working class


Phyton Crni Lotos

International CH. Young CH of Serbia. Adult CH of Serbia. ADRK KS 2004 Auslandsjugendsieger. ADRK 2009 Best Stud. JCHSRB, CHSRB, IPOI, ADRK ZtPR, BH, NL MAG,HDB ED0

Dela Kao Bumbarin

Int.CH,Young Champion of Serbia and Monte Negro, Champion of Serbia and Monte Negro, IPOI, CHSCG, HD A ED O

Dzeni vh Drazic



Soko Crni Lotos

Croatia Klubsieger V1 intermedia, CACIB Firenza RCAC Working class, IPOII, ZTP, DNA, HD A ED 0

Oda vh Nadja


Nelson vd Alten Festung

IPOI, HDA, EDO, Young champion of Croatia, Austrian Bundesjungendsieger 2005, Multi Best of Breed, Multi V1, Multi Best Male

Noris vd Alten Festung


Rott Berger Lena

HDA, Hungarian Champion

Cameroon v Donnerwald





Noris vd Alten Festung


Martinus Hexe

HD +/-, HSCH, HPJ, 3 x CAC

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