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WCR has no financial stakes in the Rottweiler studs shown. Those shown are placed here as a courtesy to the owner whom has shown to represent the breed with honor & integrity; studs with exceptional type, temperament and production in the Rottweiler Breed

german rottweilers

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HD- ED- (Germany) Multi VI, Multi Best Puppy in Show, Multi Best Youth in Show

Arko is the dog to beat anywhere he goes, multiple Best Puppy in Show, Most Beautiful Puppy, Best Youth In Show, Multi VI . Arko is just an incredible young male with and even more incredible pedigree that we love to use. Full brother to Arnold vom Brukroft Multiple Best Puppy in Show, V6 ADRK KS 2013 Intermediate Class, multi VI, and son to the great Edge v Carrabba Haus whom made many memorable champions, and grandson the the super producer Ians Yago vh Walker start to see the lay of the land ...great producers making great producers and his bottom side you are bringing in our favorite line, Akino vd Lauterbrucke through Urmel vd Scherau. What no one has figured out is the HUGE bonus in this pedigree ...Urmel vd Scherau is the sister to one of the most extreme Rottweilers and top producer of that type, Timo vd Scherau..POW!! Look at all those other pedigrees out there, especially the AKC ones and they are so incredibly weak in comparison. His pedigree is incredibly high powered..HIGH powered super producers like Nuria Buoso da Dovara, daughter to the incredible and great producer Gonsalo Buoso da Dovara, son of the great Brando Buoso da Dovara On Arko's bottom side you have yet another super producer from Buoso da Dovara, Xola Buoso da Dovara, which makes this pedigree power packed as Gonsalo's dam is Xandy Buoso da Dovara, full sister to Xola. Anytime you double up Buoso da Dovara dogs you get huge fireworks and case in point is Arko v Brukroft. Add into this the addition of a great dog for head type and coats, Exel v Weissen have on incredible reproducing extreme dog.

Breeders here and abroad have taken the very low road in breeding and are just going for dogs that people like in the "look" department just to sell pups. End result is a poorly bred prospect that will not reproduce ...contrary to popular belief amongst most breeders, its not about luck at all. If you suck at breeding, yes it is all about luck for YOU! Here at West Coast Rottweilers, there is very little luck involved versus doing out homework and doing exceptional pairings. Skill, experience, passion, intelligence and a pure love for the breed is what drive West Coast Rottweilers.

This is the future, there is no other as I see it.

Edge v Carrabba Haus

HD- ED-, Multi BIS, Multi VI, producer of many champions


Ians Yago vh Walker

Multi VPI Puppy Class, HD- ED-


Carl v Carrabbahaus

HD- Ed+/-

Frida Sirmium Kids

HD-, IPOI, HD- Full brother to the great Falko Sirmium Kids

Nuria Buoso da Dovara


Gonsalo Buoso da Dovara

VI rated, IPOI, ZtPR, DNA , HD- ED-

Urmel vd Scherau

HD-  ED-1,  Multi V rated Full sister to the great Timo vd Scherau

Qwendi v Brukroft

HD- Ed-

Exel v Weissen Schwan

HD- ED- Deutscher VDH - Champion Tschechischer Klub Jugendsieger VDH Jahrhundert Jugendsieger, BH, ZtPR, IPOII


Zamp v Wolfert Turm

HD- ED+/- SchHIII, Canadian CH, BH, ZtPR

Zyra v Wolfert Turm


Xola Buoso da Dovara

HD+/- ED-Frei ZtPr


Odin v Medilica


Pia v Herrenholz


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