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DOB:10.04.01 Eye 1A 98lbs

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58 days and counting, even filled with babies, her topline is solid

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Her type is exceptional, very few bitches posses it. When people say "built like a tank", this is what it should look like. She GREATLY resembles her Grandfather Puck de Pandjah in all aspects.

Cora was obtained as a puppy through Cynthia Campbell/Stablemates Rottweiler Kennels. Cora came from one of those "Dream" litters... totally uniformed in size and weight with incredible beauty. The breeding was repeated and soon after the whelp, the Dam died unexpectedly. We feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have been notified first hand of this litter, Cora is undeniably one of the finest Rottweiler bitches we have seen. Her pigmentation is richly black with a 1B eye and a magnificent head piece. Her angulations are excellent with a very compact back and tight, small feet. Cora is built and strongly resembles her Grandfather, Puck de Pandjah (pictured below Ulrick). Cora is a bitch that is everyone's 'type.' She is definitely one of my most favorite Rottweiler bitches anywhere. Everyone whom meets Cora instantly becomes a fan of her.

Cora is always eager to please and recently whelped her first litter from Multi V-Rated Ingo v Brandenburger Tor SchHIII, FH, AD, BH, ZtPR. We are extremely pleased with the results and what she brought to the litter, which contained zero faults and excellent type. What we saw was excellent, faultless topline's that were very short, correct croup's and beautiful back to neckline transitions. Black eyes and black mouths with short muzzles and correct bite. Angles/shoulder/feet all very correct. Cora has a lot to offer to the breed. Cora brings incredible thickness, powerful bone, excellent compact topline's and wide rear ends, powerful cheek and eye fill, excellent front/rear angles, dark eye and mouth. You seldom see that type of body/bone thickness anymore and she produces it.

Her second litter to American/Canadian Champion Cidel's Hogan Hero produced outstanding puppies: massive headpieces, big thick bodies, no faults and beautifully colored. Cora has more than proven what she can bring to the litter with two distinctively different breeding's. Undeniably, Cora is an exceptional producer, she can hold her own in our opinion to our legendary producer of world class offspring, Petra Earl Antonius. One does not need titles to be an excellent producer, case in point and we feel Cora is under rated for what her contribution is. These two litters prove she can make excellence, regardless of the bloodline. Since producing these two outstanding litters, numerous high-end stud owners have contacted us to offer their "services" in return for a puppy. Cora's ability to produce has begun to be realized.

Cora's third litter is a litter of dream's coming into reality. Bred to the Italian freak Ghemon, Cora threw down one of the greatest litters a great many people have ever seen. Huge, thick, hard, beautiful, outrageous, and powerful are but a few words that describe that litter. Ghemon pups have always been known for their super type but, Cora easily eclipsed all of them on every continent. WCR's Athena vd Tal is just one of numerous excellent and memorable offspring from this incredible pairing.

Every litter from Cora ALWAYS is exceptional...a gerat female, producer and a very rare pedigree.

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(WCR's Kiera vd Tal at 6.5 months (L) and WCR's Karly vd Tal at 12 months (R) Sire: Karl vh Neubrand Dam: Stablemates Cora vd Tal)

Pictured below is Cora's litter brother Ulrick, owned by Simon Jiminez. Oryck is pictured here at 15 months of age, 120 plus pounds. Having seen him recently, his type is outstanding; massive, thicker than any male I have seen in years. I can honestly say that I have yet to see a more extreme, complete male than Oryck. As an adult, he tops out at an incredibly thick 127lbs, black eyes and inky black mouth. Definitely one of the best, I have ever seen.

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(Ulrick young male)

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(Ulrick at 7.5 years)


(Cora GREATLY resembles her Grandfather Puck de Pandjah in all aspects)

Xanto vh Neubrand

SchH III, BH, Ztpr, HD-frei, OFA Good DT. VDH German Champion, 2000 Canadian National Sieger, Mexican Champion, German Dona Sieger, German Bodensee Sieger, German Dona Youth Sieger, German Bodensee Youth Sieger, Best of Breed in 3 Countries


Othello vh Neubrand

SchH III, IPO III, Ztpr, FH, AD, BH, HD-, OFA Excellent 1998 United States Rottweiler Club, National Club Sieger, 2 x BISS, BOB, Am/Ch

Ero vd Bleichstrasse

SchHIII, FH, AD, Gek HD-

Fiede vh Neubrand


Christel vh Neubrand


Benno vd Schwarzen Heide

SchHIII, IPO III, FH, ZtPR, TT, AD, CGC HD Frei Int/Am Ch WS' 90, ES' 90, BJS'87, O-BS

Kora v Studerhof

SchHI, ZtPR HD+/-

Adelblut's BellaDonna

RO-3659 CERF Norm RO-57378E27F Excellent

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Puck de Pandjah

H/D A, OFA GOOD BRK Konig 93, BRK Prins 92, V-1 Dusseldorf Specialty Show 93, Selection 93, Melleur De Race Charleroi 93, Beste Kopel Limburg 93, V - ADRK Klub Sieger Show 95, V - ADRK Bundessieger Show 95, V - in 4 countries, 18 X V

Ourah de Pandjah


Nissy de Pandjah


Ray's Adlig Anneliese

AD, BH RO-35718G26F Good

Hans v Steinbeckland

SchHIII, ZtPR, CDX RO-16161G24M Good RO-919 CERF Norm

Ray's Kamphlustig Carla

RO-16644G24F Good

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